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Personal safety has never been more at risk than it is today! We all see the crime reported in the news on a daily basis. It sometimes seems as though the bad guys are winning. But what to do? Security systems for home and away are too expensive. Right? WRONG!

Of course, you've checked out the ads on TV offering you security systems for $99.00. The sad part is that these systems only include one door or window for that price. The average homeowner winds up spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on these types of systems. There is an alternative!

Here at DoorAndWindowAlarms.com we provide home protection devices such as motion detectors, wireless door and window alarms, personal alarms and safety items that are all designed to keep you and your family safe without breaking the bank.



Self Defense Products GuaranteeWe offer a 90-day money back guarantee on our door and window alarm security products. If you don't feel more safe and secure with your purchase, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 90 days - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

You will experience Superb Customer Service and Quality Products with every purchase you make. We guarantee it!

WE WANT YOU TO BE EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THE PRODUCTS YOU ORDERED! If you're not happy, then we aren't either!



Window Alarms
Glass Breakage Alarm
Travel Alarms
Mini Travel Alarm
Personal Alarms
Personal Keychain Alarm


These wireless home alarms are very popular home protection products. Inexpensive alternatives to costly security systems and you can take them with you if you move. These wireless alarms make great travel alarms also. Carry them with you when traveling for added security.

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