Door Brace

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Door Brace


Price: $29.95


Ever been to a motel and all of the sudden you hear someone trying to get in? The desk clerk assigns your room to someone else and gives them a key as well!

So you're looking for an incredibly easy way to provide added security to that entry door? You think you may rest a little easier knowing your family is secure?

Then look no further because the Dual Function Security Bar door brace is the answer to adding reinforcement to nearly any door.

This device is ideal for use at home, in a hotel room while traveling for business or pleasure and is a "must have" for college students.

The door brace is a super strong 20 gauge steel adjustable door brace that installs in seconds between a door knob and the floor to provide added security where you need it most, the point of entry.

This convenient, easy to operate unit is adjustable and fits most hinged doors. It can also be converted for use on sliding glass doors. Simply remove the end cap and insert the door brace between the sliding glass door and the wall. The clean, baked enamel finish makes it attractive for use in any home decor.

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