Motion Detector Alarm

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Motion Detection Alarm

CODE: HA-125

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Unique passive infrared system concentrates on the protected area you select. The motion detector alarm studies the area and responds with a 105 db alarm only when a person moves into the protected area. In the entry chime mode, the chime will "ding" each time motion is detected. Motion detector alarm can provide valuable protection for your home and property. No wiring required, battery operated, easy installation.

    * Motion sensor detects motion and activates alarm.
    * Programmable security code and entry delay timing.
    * Built-in high output 105db alarm.
    * Alarm/door chime option.
    * Panic Button triggers alarm immediately.
    * Program and low battery indicator.
    * Verification tone for key pad and arm/disarm.
    * 9V battery operated (battery not included) and AC adaptor compatible.
    * 110 degree operating range out to 40 feet.

There is a 60 second delay after arming for sensor warm up and exit delay.

Intrusion Memory Indicator - Motion detector alarm "remembers" if someone has set off the alarm. When you disarm the unit, if the LED flashes 3 times, it indicates that there has been an intrusion during the last arming mode. Be sure to check your home/office thoroughly after entering.

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