Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are electronic devices that emit an extremely loud siren-like sound. You activate the personal alarm when attacked by an assailant or when the threat of an attack seems likely.

These personal alarms are designed to draw attention to you should you ever need help. They are small and portable. Great for home or when you travel.

  • Great for Walking or Jogging
  • Small, Lightweight, and Portable

  • Electronic Whistle

    CODE: HP-388

    The electronic whistle operates with a push of a button instead of blowing like a traditional whistle. Yet sounds nearly the same as what you're used to.... More

    Emergency Alarm

    CODE: 80145

    In stock
    Screecher Aerosol Emergency Alarm emits an "ear-piercing" blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Its high-pitched shriek can be heard up to... More

    Flashlight Alarm

    CODE: PL-6

    In stock
    The flashlight alarm is a personal protection alarm you can set off if you feel threatened. Bad guys do not want attention drawn to them and this may scare... More

    Home Security Personal Alarm


    These new multi-function alarms combine features found in personal alarms, window alarms, door alarms, and entry alarms all in one great UFO shaped device.... More

    Keychain Alarm

    CODE: PAL-130L

    In stock
    This keychain alarm deters attack... with a 130db alarm. The alarm is activated when the pin attached to the keychain is pulled. Or by pressing the alarm... More

    Mini Personal Alarm

    CODE: PAL-101CL

    In stock
    This easily activated mini personal alarm will emit an ear piercing 101dB alert that will send your aggressor fleeing for the confines of a sound proof... More

    Sport Strobe

    CODE: 80238

    In stock
    The Sport Strobe personal alarm sounds the alarm and emits flashing light when you activate it. This innovative security device can also be used as a door... More

    Stay Awake Alarm

    CODE: DA-1

    In stock
    The National Highway Safety Council lists driver fatigue among the top reasons for automobile accidents in the United States. Every year, thousands of... More

    Child Monitor

    CODE: YS-088

    One of the single biggest fears of every good parent is the thought of their child becoming lost or missing. We all empathize with the parents of lost... More
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