Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems for your home or office. Motion sensors and door/window alarms to alert you when your perimeter is breached.

Wireless Home Security System


$139.95   $119.95
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The Home Safe Wireless Security System is a new and inexpensive way to protect you, your family, and your... More

Motion Sensor


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This HOMESAFE WIRELESS HOME SECURITY MOTION SENSOR can detect motion from up to 8 meters away and has 110 degree motion detection angle. It has a wireless... More

Door Window Sensor


In stock
This HOMESAFE WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SENSOR is a double sensor that detects vibration and when your door/window has been opened. It has a wireless radio... More

Remote Control


In stock
Extra Remote Control for the Home Security System and the Electronic Barking Dog Alarm. You can have more than one remote able to operate your systems.... More

Driveway Alarm

CODE: VA-6000S

In stock
If you are concerned about intruders, unexpected visitors, theft, mail tampering, or even dangerous areas... More

Driveway Alarm Transmitter

CODE: VA-6000T

In stock
Additional transmitter for the Driveway Alarm . You can add as many transmitters as you'd like with this system to protect all the areas you need. When... More

Homesafe Driveway Alarm


In stock
The Homesafe Driveway Alarm is a unique passive infrared system that focuses on the selected are you want to protect. Whenever the unit is set with the... More
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